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Cross Country training


Below are some types of training we may be doing over the coming months.Each type of workout works on various aspects of your fitness.



On the track there are other forms of workout but for cross country there are really two types.


Intervals – This involves running several times over a short distance with a recovery period of slow jogging.


Repetition running (Reps)

Similar to intervals  but you run 3 Р6 times over a longer distance eg 800m or a mile at race (or faster) speed with a specified rest eg 3 mins


Types of Runs


Steady/recovery run

This run builds endurance but is not intended to be challenging.If running with another the pace should be easy enough to be able to talk.You can’t train hard everyday.Recovery is essential.



Swedish for speed play.The idea is you run for a certain time eg 30 mins rather than a distance running fast and slow stretches according to (and this is important) the way you feel.These runs can vary from flat out sprints to fast strides and easy jogs.


Kenyan hills

Similar to fartlek involves running round small hilly loop where the hills are at speed and the downhills are at recovery speed.


Tempo run (Time Trials)

A fast run usually faster than race speed but for a shorter distance.If your cross country race is 30 mins long then a tempo run would be 20 mins long.


Fast back

Steady run out turn at halfway and run fast home.



Hard run

Is what it says.This run is like a workout so needs to be treated as such and cannot be done too regularly and during a week where you do not have a race.


Long run

Like the steady run but would involve building this run up to 60 – 70 mins.The benefit of this starts to really kick in after an hour.



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