10 miler Road and trail

Start outside of the Up&Running shop in Sevenoaks High Street. Head towards Sevenoaks Leisure Centre and head straight across to the far end of the car park to the top of Webbs Alley. At the bottom of the hill head through the gate into Knole Park.

Turn right and head along the valley over the road. Continue along the valley.When you come to a  fork where one valley goes straight while the other goes right, take the right hand option and head along this valley for approx 400m. At the end of the valley head left up the track with the road (the other side of the fence) on your right.

This next section winds through woods.Stay on the main track with the road to your right.You will pass a gate to your right. Continue on. This is the muddiest section of the run. Eventually you will come to a gate. Eventually you will emerge and see the end of a valley below and to your left. Skirt round the top lip of the valley and begin to run on the concrete road within the park. You will come to a fork in the road. Take the right hand fork (Chestnut Walk and continue down the road until you come to a left hander. Take that and the leads you to the bottom of Broad walk. Turn right and head to the corner of Knole house.Continue downhill with the wall of Knole park on your left.

When you reach the corner where one path heads left past the front of Knole House and another path heads straight on while another goes right..go right (away from the house). Continue on this path, evenutually the path heads downhill and then levels off for 400m before reaching the “hole in the wall” entrance to the park. Go through the gatedoor and emerge onto the road. Go left uphill and emerge withe Vine on your right. Continue on this road up Sevenoaks High Street to the Up & Running shop.

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