Beginners session

Just Run – to get fit

This course would suit the complete beginner with very little or no experience in jogging

Through a jog/walk program, where you start off jogging for very short periods (30 seconds), the 6 week course gradually builds up your fitness.

Each session starts with a gentle warm up followed by the jogging session. The session will end with some stretching and a chance to discuss how the previous week has gone.

Working with me in a small group I will work with you on your technique and advise you on a program to follow for the rest of the week.

The run4fit beginners jogging group is a a 10 week training plan designed to get you running to level that you can complete a 5k (3.1miles) in around 35 mins.Not an insurmountable  challenge but for people who have not run a great deal requires some assistance to to get you there. My 10 week plan ,which I have developed over 35 years of running/coaching, using gentle progression to train your body and MIND for the challenge.

Your commitment

Simple to say but harder to do. The success of the program relies on you following the sessions set to the letter and attending at least 3 of the 4 group sessions per week?

We meet Wed at 7pm

Each session takes 30 mins to 40 mins and will be outdoors rain or shine meeting on the Vine.


The Training program 

The program I set is more of a walking/jog program rather than a running training’s doable.Don’t worry how fast you run…it’s about time on your feet not speed.Running faster can come later when you have miles in your legs and have built form and strength.

Finally it’s important to have a goal and the perfect thing to target would be a 5k Parkrun. Held in Tonbridge on Saturday mornings these events are perfect for people new to running.


A one off fee of £30 for your training plan then £3 a week to attend any number of the group runs. The fee includes any advice and assistance I can give via email text etc

To find out more call me on 07969 083119 or complete the enquiry form below.







o7969 083119




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