Group Circuits workouts

Woodland warriors in action

Woodland warriors in action


Some people like to workout within groups and I run a group circuit session on a Tuesday evening
We meet at 7pm at the Vine in the summer and 8.15 at the Vine Methodist Hall in the winter. The workout is designed to tone up your muscles , burn fat and improves fitness, my circuits class is a mix of cardiovascular, resistance training and aerobics. A fast paced circuits based workout I adapt every exercise according to each person’s ability and fitness level allowing you to work at an intensity that suits you.

Designed for a person looking to start a fitness program this class helps you build towards the intermediate level class (High Intensity Interval Training) HIIT. This workout is no means easy but it does try to accommodate those who are not quite ready to tackle those high intensity interval training routines.


If you are not an avid exerciser, this workout will be a great way to challenge yourself and take your fitness to the next level. This is a great routine for fat burning and muscle toning – an ideal way for a beginner level exerciser to get the benefits of a High Intensity.


This class focuses on technique so that from the beginning you do the exercise correctly to maximise the effect and reduce risk of injury.


No equipment (apart form a mat) is required as the exercises only require your bodyweight for resistance.The class will include a gentle warm up followed by a 20 to 30 minute workout and cool down afterwards.


The course includes a program to follow for the rest of the week.




What to wear and bring

Unless the weather is bad the classes will take place outside and unless the ground is dry you may want to bring a fitness mat/towel to lie on as many of the exercises will involve lying,sitting on the ground.
In terms of kit, I suggest running/gym shoes, tracksuit and/or sweatshirt and jog bottoms/running tights and a showerproof jacket. It may also be a good idea to bring a small bottle of water.

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