Working together

The first task is to have a discussion about what level of fitness you are at at the moment so the training I set is at the right level. I will also have a look at your running to analyse your gait and running action to identify any issues to resolve. We will look at the date and distance of the event you’re working towards and establish the   time or performance you are looking to achieve short term ie 12 weeks and longer term ie 26 weeks. As well as these major goals I will also look at training and performance goals along the way. I will develop a gradual training schedule which will prepare you with advice given on diet and nutrition as well as warm up exercises and mental preparation.

Darrell will communicate and provide feedback anyway that suits you  by email, phone etc and will send weekly tailored training schedules direct to you . There is no set  limit to the volume of communication and as well as ongoing communication there will be more in depth reviews at set periods (normally 3 to 6 months) along the way.
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