Run Groups

I organise a number of run groups in the Sevenoaks area.

Beginner session where I help people achieve the  Learn to run for 30 minutes challenge .

And for  people already into there running maybe  looking to do more than jog I offer a racers session. A more challenging workout to increase your race speed using interval,tempo runs and hill workouts .

WP_20140322_002Take a look at the Where and When section to see if we have a session to suit you.

All done after 800m repetitions in the park on Sat morning.

All done after 800m repetitions in the park on Sat morning by my Racers group

4 responses to “Run Groups

  1. Hi,

    Please can you give me more info on the running club?
    Where is it based?
    What days/times?


  2. Hello Antonia
    Run4fit is based in Sevenoaks and I coach 1:1 and in groups.My hourly rate is £25 and my group sessions range from £3 – £5.
    As well as leading the sessions I can work with you on a 1 to 1 program to follow.

  3. hi my name is Heather and i am looking for a beginers running club i am very unfit and need to get into shape

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