UK a lazy lot

A recent article in the Lancet by Prof Lee of Harvard confirms the findings of research that assessed the health benefits of physical activity in a Taiwanese population and if less exercise than the recommended 150 min a week can still have life expectancy benefits.

Compared with individuals in the inactive group, those in the low-volume activity group, who exercised for an average of 92 min per week  or 15 min a day had a 14% reduced risk of all-cause mortality and had a 3 year longer life expectancy.

Every additional 15 min of daily exercise beyond the minimum amount of 15 min a day further reduced all-cause mortality by 4% and all-cancer mortality by 1%. These benefits were applicable to all age groups and both sexes, and to those with cardiovascular disease risks. Individuals who were inactive had a 17%  increased risk of mortality compared with individuals in the low-volume group.

Therefore 15 min a day or 90 min a week of moderate-intensity exercise might be of benefit, even for individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease.

In Britain we come low down the list of countries whose population is active. Inactivity kills the same amount of people as smoking kills, doing nothing is not an option.

By exercising you encourage bone health, increase your immunity to infection and disease and increase circulation.


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